Creating a Digital Concordance for Early Chinese Historiography: 
a dhsi success story, 
with a note on tools and skills

(This entry was created from a poster I presented at this year’s DHSI. Unless you are interested in the digital concordance, go ahead and jump down to the note on tools and skills.) My dissertation is a study of early Chinese historiography, focusing on the Shiji 史記 [Historian’s Records] by Sima Qian 司馬遷 (c. 145—c. […]

Aristophanes’ Androgynon with Hats 
DHSI Logo Submission

Vote for your favorite new DHSI logo here! Explanation The explanation for “Aristophanes’ Androgynon with Hats” starts with the old DHSI logo, which was meant to invoke the digital humanities through a human and a measuring stick. I’ve heard it said that the human figure was given wide hips and narrow shoulders in order to […]